oh please -- get a grip "The only reason they have an economy is...

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    oh please -- get a grip

    "The only reason they have an economy is because we let them build it."

    I could agree with that - but, the point is --------------- they now have it and there's no going back

    "We will remove them from the teat slowly for our own good.
    If they pi55 us off anymore they will be torn from it."

    you are so far off the reality situational awareness path - I hope you have many weeks of rations with you

    it's way beyond the point where we can withdraw and China will collapse - way way way beyond it

    and, you better listen up - as far as China and Australia goes - china has the big guns and the very very very big bullets

    one issuance from China and Oz goes out the back door reeling -

    all it has to say is that no Chinese can own property in Oz - and, if it's not sold within 1 year it becomes the property of the CCP

    for Australia -------------- game over

    that's our housing market gone, that's our banks gone, that's all business that spins of banking gone ------

    one little stroke of the pen
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