the Consequences from anti-vaxxers

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    Whooping cough (pertussis) is a preventable disease. it can seriously threaten the life of a child under 2 within 24 hours of contracting the infection.

    when I was a kid the vaccination against pertussis had only just started. I learned in my education that I was very fortunate that I was jabbed because there had been a wave of infections all around the country causing many children's deaths.

    then in the 90s it became fashionable for young mums in wealthy suburbs to know more than science and they began refusing vaccination. there hadn't been a wave of pertussis for more the 20 years thanks to vaccination achieving herd immunity. so these young mums kids were still pretty safe.

    then the invention of the autism link caused the silly rejection to spread.

    now we have a wave of pertussis making kids sick again.

    whats next? POLIO?

    stop this insane rejection of science you folks. its causing kids to die. LITERALLY.
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