Nothing so exotic I’m afraid, although your story does sound...

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    Nothing so exotic I’m afraid, although your story does sound cool.

    I lived for a time in Brisbane and while I’m not so sure how it came about (the casino?) - people referred to Brisbane as BrisVegas… And, privacy alert - my initials are GM. So there you have it, VegasGM. Anyway, with the casino that the ASX is, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty bloody appropriate. But unfortunately no $1 party at my hotel . Wasn’t fated to be a ‘general manager’ either, and haven’t seen as much of Australia as I’d like to. Never been to WA (shame..,sorry). Worked for a time as a tour guide on the Gold Coast, have made some coin on the Nikkei, and my Japanese is pretty good..

    Long term holder of ASN. Diamond hands. Although wish the mc was around $600m and we were still sitting on the pipeline of news that we have in store. Exciting future in the USA for ASN. Just a little more patience required I trust.

    Take care and good luck with your investing. ‘Home is where you find yourself,’ isn’t a bad motto to have I think.

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