@zipperlip.. The use of Psychology is interesting. I. Like most...

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    @zipperlip.. The use of Psychology is interesting. I. Like most wo post on HC. Am an investor. I have often thought that studying the Psychology of Herd Mentality, would be as valuable as studying companies. One sees companies who are out of favour, such as Premier Investments over a decade ago, suddenly fall into favour and take off like rockets.

    My experience with the Catholic Church was at St Vincents Convent in Surfers Paradise. In those days it was the best Primary School on the Gold Coast. I was discriminated against because I was C of E. So I got even by memorizing the prayers in Latin, before the dopey little mick kids learnt one sentence The nuns used to beat the ferk out of them, to try to give them the incentive to better me. So I guess, I always liked sticking pins in the pompous.

    Now back to global warming, climate change, atmospheric pollution, or whatever name is fashionable at the moment. In the days of the dinosaurs, the climate was much lusher and warmer, here in Gondwanaland. I would also imagine the CO2 levels were higher to promote such lush growth of conifers. Then as we moved north and got drier, only pockets remained such as Kakadu.

    Could we not, just be following natures established cycle, of getting hotter and dryer? Don't know much about other countries except PNG. That would require more study than I have time.

    To our impending extinction....Marum. (We've got the best seats in the house)
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