You know much more about welcome to country operations than me I...

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    You know much more about welcome to country operations than me I gather from your post but,
    No need to be sorry about your comment
    for you are not "breaking" anything to me.

    I disagree with you about the number of wtc we can expect though....
    There has been a marked absence already...
    As I stated ...such continuation would be much appreciated from my perspective.

    I need no welcome to my country at a footy game or conference by a Bruce Pascoe to Gadigal country.
    It has been used as a grifting rort and seen as disingenuous by many, resulting in embarrassment, additional cost and less than good use of one's time.

    Maybe in the first instance in our weaning from the WTC teat we could set up optional WTCs for those that want to pay for it and/or revel in it.
    - A sort of user pays policy with a refund for those that haven't the time nor inclination after having been welcomed previously on the plane, bus ,taxi, tourguide and a plethora of unwanted voiceovers in every nook and cranny.
    I am indigenous.
    If I was a tourist maybe once upon disembarkation to Australia would be sufficient?

    I am happy to be genuinely welcomed to someone's home as I welcome people to mine.
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