for hard hitting, in depth analysis , of american politics - the...

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    for hard hitting, in depth analysis , of american politics - the FATSO IS THE GO TO MAN..

    That julie green whacko was always a clown .. watso's favourite was paula white ..

    Always follow the great fatso - he always gets it right Post #: 44000421 ...

    watso throws down the challenge to PAULA WHITE ..

    and notice the date of the post - ie 7 months prior to the nov elections anyway

    well watso is into voodoo and throws down the challenge to paula white - let's see who has the most power by november.

    watso has a donald duck doll (ie the VOODOO DOLL), his grandma's knitting needles, his mothers sewing needles and a few box fulls of rusty nails .

    donald duck will be getting the full VOODOO treatment - every day till election day..

    what needs to be understood - but when watso jumped off the trump train .. he was not really supporting biden ..

    and what also needs to be understood is that watso is not really supporting trump these days .. except in a trump/biden contest - it has to be trump in a landslide

    thanks to biden, the world is on the edge of ww3 .. and biden is potus ..

    watso has despised america for donkey years - but initially jumped aboard the trump train - because maybe trump could maga ..

    sadly trump failed . butt biden is the present potus .. and here we are - on the edge of ww3

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