UAP to win federal election for the people

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    This is no joke.
    Do not underestimate the peoples need to be free from the dictatorship of current governments.
    Most people would want life to go back to how it was a few years ago.

    By voting for the UAP.
    During a so called pandemic.

    The government will not be able to make you close your business.
    You will not be forced to ware a mask.
    You will not be forced to take a experimental vaccine, or lose your job.
    You will not be forced to take a booster shot every 6 months 3 months, or maybe eventually every month or week.
    You will be able to travel freely within Australia.
    All Australians will be able to visit what shops entertainment sports or other places they are legally able to normally visit.
    You will be able to go down to the local park, or play sport.
    The UAP governments will not remove your right to worship because of a virus.
    Our children will not miss out on a education, and be able to visit there friends or just play.
    Doctors will be able to speak freely and be able to prescribe medications that the current government or medical bodies have banned, such as Hydroxychloroquine.
    And a United Australia Party government would divert money into the medical system to treat people, rather than give away free money and destroy businesses.
    All medical science will be able to be freely discussed and researched for the people to be able to come to a informed conclusion.
    Crime will fall as discriminated against people or suffering businesses start to get there rights back and recover.
    Families will start to come back together, and there will be far less hate between people in the community.

    Who would not want to be living in a country like what the United Australia Party strives to provide to us.

    The above are my words based on what the United Australia party has been talking about, I can not provide links from the UAP, as this is seen as advertising, and most organizations will not allow the United Australia Party to advertise on there platforms or on media channels, and I can not prove that fact because to provide the link, it would be advertising, that is the sad reality for a caring party like the United Australia Party.
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