vaccine efficacy proven by data

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    for many months we've read the posts of people saying The Vaccines Don't Work .... and even You're All Going To Die from vaccines.

    all the heeby jeebies they can think of from New World Order (how many new world orders have we endured over the last 60 or so years, often accompanied by The End Is Nigh) to impotence as adverse reactions to vaccines. Its all a bloomin Plot y'know.

    I'ver been watching data, which 'they' say is discredited, as everyone has and its often prompted me to observe that the delta outbreak would have swamped us as it did in the US, EU, Asia, Africa, Sth American states and China/Russia and cause many thousands of deaths..... had we not had the vaccine.

    The chart in the really says it all if you care to read the ABC report.

    What it clearly demonstrates is the fall in infection rates as the lockdowns were abandoned and the economy opened up.

    my point - if we hadn't had vaccination many of us would have had the infection and some would have been hospitalised and maybe 100 of our HC community would be dead by now.

    So wake up you 'awake' conspiracy thought bubblers and realise your fantasies are doing only you any harm - we whom you abuse as 'sheeple' (crikey, I'm no follower of any herd and I recognise the herd mentality of the abusers) are laughing at your aggressive posts.
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