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    Mate that’s a great pick-up and such good intel for guiding research into a sector that I doubt anyone is looking at very closely right now. TY.

    In our previous chats I realised that I neglected to mention - one aspect of stocks/businesses that I see as being essential for a buy is scalability.

    This tends to sway me heavily towards tech related stocks because a good piece of software can be sold globally on the web with minimal sales staff & infrastructure once a little traction is gained. Anything that requires more manufacturing or staff to drive more sales is off my list pretty quickly.

    I really like the idea of the auto/traffic related Co you have mentioned, will be researching that one to understand what they offer & how they do it.

    A speculative but rapidly growing stock that I’ve recently entered is HTG. Tipped to me by a fellow forum member, has moved up 20%-30% recently but is perched at the often talked about “inflection point” of possibly landing those big dollar sales & revenues that can trigger a re-rate in multiples. You might like to browse that one.
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