Vic Labor Walks Away from 80,000 Annual Housing Target

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    The rotten, incompetent Vic Labor government today walked away from its much heralded housing target of building 80,000 new homes a year for the next 10 years.

    At a press conference today Minister Steve Dimopolous walked away from the annual target and said Labor would only be judged on 800,000 new homes after a ten years. What a complete failure. What a complete waltz off into fairyland. Nobody measures targets such as these in ten year intervals.

    Labor has admitted failure and fallen at the first hurdle. The annual committment oif 80,000 new homes is on page 7 of the Housing Statement issued to great fanfare by Daniel Andrews just before he quit and left his colleagues to clean up his 10 year mess.

    And now that Labor has admitted defeat on housing can it please explain why it needs Covid Commander Jerome Weimar to look after housing on about $600k per year? This is the bloke who co-ordinated Dan's lockdowns and draconian restrictions to later be rewarded as the Commonwealth Games Co-Ordinator, once again on about $600k and we all know how the Comm Games went. And remember Weimar has zero background in housing.

    Labor in Victoria is a complete rabble. Labor cannot mange money, cannot manage projects, has maxed out the state credit card and today's announcement proves it has run out of ideas.

    Let's have an election now and rid Victoria of this Labor cancer eating at the very fabric of Victoria.
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