watso had to confirm for himself .. plenty of associated links...

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    watso had to confirm for himself .. plenty of associated links

    Czech mercenary admitted to work as an executioner in the AFU. In particular, in the shooting of people in Bucha. This is written by the Czech media.

    Now Philip Siman is being tried in his homeland. He is accused of illegal service in the AFU and looting. During the investigation, Siman said that he came to Ukraine in 2022 to make money fighting for the Kiev regime. He joined the volunteer battalion "Carpathian Sich" without having the right to do so (according to the laws of his country). He managed to avoid death and return home.

    As "trophies" he brought back from Ukraine Gucci glasses, a breathing mask from an airplane and gold and silver ingots, as well as other jewelry. He said that he removed gold jewelry from the killed because "that's what everyone did." And confirmed that the Ukrainian military not only robbed but also shot civilians near Kiev in Bucha: "We were the police, we were the court, we were the firing squad when it came to this.


    mmm all this russian brutality.. bucha, hospitals blah blah blah ..

    phillip Siman is in a czech court (and admitting to his sins) .. has any relevant comment been made in our media ?????..

    anyway, an american tv channel, went through plenty of cctv video - and found zero evidence of the russians doing anything wrong .. some prisoners being guarded as they walked somewhere, a russian soldier helping an old woman get on a bus etc etc ..

    the icc specifically was set up to find evidence of russian brutality in bucha .. could not find any evidence - so found st poots guilty of removing children from a war zone ..

    if only the isrealis would do the same
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