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    Hi HC,

    I posted the below to SVL (Silver) moments ago and the post got moderated as off-topic.

    Do you think Bitcoin can replace gold and silver as a storage of value, since it is portable, flexible and meant for a digital era? One where you can program in the sense of software code being written to interlink fiat currencies with Bitcoin? It's not like we can go back to the old times where we could add bits of gold into cash. I have not yet seen a compelling story on why Bitcoin will not be able to take gold as a storage of value. I can understand that governments worldwide will want to prevent it from happening but I am not confident they will succeed in it. Take India and Africa as an example, there are millions of people in India who cannot get access to a traditional banking system to get a loan to finance a business or something else. These people have been historically left out. Cryptos will allow for this without government supervision. The value in my view tremendous but I can also be mistaken. I am genuinely interested to see what people thinks about this.

    This makes no sense as this post was in response to a sequence of posts and videos talking about crypto and the new likely digital currency that will be introduced by the federal reserve and international banks. This post had no bad intention and is fully aligned to what was being discussed. It's a question that is pertinent to anyone trying to understand the other side of the narrative i.e. that perhaps crypto has a future and that instead of aligning the new digital currency to gold perhaps bitcoin can be used for that? I find surprising that HC would start censoring posts randomly just because someone doesn't like what is being asked. This is embarrassing for your platform as it only allows for a specific viewpoint to be put out. If this is the trend going forward I will abandon this platform as the way it goes it does not promote for honest and diverse viewpoints.
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