western sydney shootings -aust.govt. to blame?

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    From the Sydney Morning Herald :-There has been more than one public shooting every three days in Sydney in [2012] and the target is increasingly becoming human life. Among the 135 recorded incidents in the past 12 months, eight men have been shot dead and dozens more injured.

    The young men turning to guns across south-western and western Sydney are a product of a downtrodden society, their communities say. They are often unemployed, bored, frustrated, discriminated against and highly disaffected, with little else to do.

    Albert Darwiche, whose family was involved in an eight-year conflict with the Razzak family that ended with five people dead and numerous houses shot at, says many of those involved in this wave of shootings are second-generation Middle Eastern men.

    Their parents’ generation lived with strict family hierarchies yet many of these men have been ‘’Australianised,’’ Darwiche says, ‘’and have lost the custom of listening to and respecting their parents...”
    These Middle Eastern men blame the Australian govt. for their crime wave.Are they right?Should we give them more welfare benefits?Can they be culturally absorbed into mainstream australian or remain as festering ghetto suburbs? Difficult and increasing problem to solve with no immediate answers.
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