Who are Pfizer's lobbyists in Aus

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    Given all the wild post on HC these days with everybody from the ABC to Bill Gates to the deep state being accused of running some conspiracy. Though it might be interesting to try and find out who are Pfizer's Aus lobbyist and who they politically associate to. Given so much anger and a looming election, can give people the opportunity to vote and vent at the ballot box.

    David established Willard in 2011 after more than six years as Pfizer’s in-house political strategist and the pharmaceutical industry’s longest serving member of the Medicines Australia Government Working Group.

    Matthew Stafford, the company’s Asia-Pacific president, who worked as a cabinet secretary and ministerial adviser in the Howard, Abbott and Turnbull governments.
    The register gives a bare outline of the behind-the-scenes lobbying for Australia’s vaccine rollout, and reveals the small cohort of former ministerial advisers helping pharmaceutical companies gain an advantage with the Australian government.

    There certainly seems to be an affiliation with one side of Australian politics/
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