''Ha ... it's not that simple. '' calling for a ceasefire by the...

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    ''Ha ... it's not that simple. ''

    calling for a ceasefire by the UN -------------- is simple, if members voted to do it

    one calls for an 'unconditional ceasefire' for humanitarian reasons.

    Do you have difficulty understanding what the word 'unconditional' means - if so, which part of the word gives you comprehension issues?

    now as far as 'demands' for making ceasefires ----------- let us also get past the bullshit of that 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' -

    because clearly - Israel does and America seems to like the idea - so, we can now all drop the bullshit.

    Here's the news -------- any human with any amount of decency at all should be calling for a ceasefire from both sides and the evacuation of innocents ------

    this is not a complicate concept

    whether either side is prepared to do so, is a different issue as they have both displayed an atrocious level of behaviour and a total disregard for young and innocent lives.

    my opinion is that the world would be a far better place without both of sides - and america could leave as well - but, that is not possible with such a flawed species. They should all depart the planet and take their all powerful gods with them - never to return
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