''Israel warned weeks before they invaded Gaza and told everyone...

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    ''Israel warned weeks before they invaded Gaza and told everyone they were coming and that any civilians should evacuate the area immediately. ''

    whilst bombing the crap out of the place, cutting off water and power etc.

    How does one evacuate aged, babies, premature babies, toddlers and children through areas with bombs falling on them?

    yes - here you are - being told to leave - and the way out is being bombed relentlessly ------------ so, you in your sheer brilliance suggest that you take the children out of shelter - out into the open and move around as the air attacks and bombs go off

    well done for humanitarian thinking, well done for empathy --------------------

    how about this --------------------- we stop the bombing, and people can evacuate.

    And then we have - oh, but the bad guys are hiding in among a group of children --------- so your strategic caring best is - oh well, just blow up the lot of them, that way, we'll get the baddies

    thumbs up for being an advanced human --------------- and watching Israel act out every bit as bad behaviour as Nazi, just in a different way.

    The power of other nations is to stand together and suggest that both sides have a ceasefire and allow humanitarian help to come in.

    As well as that ---------- all nations should just flat out stop support to both sides - except for humanitarian aid -

    that's it -------------- stop support to both.

    the fly in that ointment of course is America ----------- who cannot stop support because of Jewish contributors in America who support the democrat party.

    We wait to see how those contributors feel if they stop supporting the democrat party and the republicans gain power - because the republicans might not be as supportive of Israel at all

    and without the support of America ---------------- goodnight and thanks for coming, Israel. Into the sand you go. And believe me - when that happens, the world will not make the same mistake again as it did in 1948.
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