So what ?Everyone knows that the wind does not blow 24/7. Just...

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    So what ?

    Everyone knows that the wind does not blow 24/7. Just as the sun rises and sets every day. The fossil trolls seem to think they have just discovered a new phenomenon .

    Also, no one ever has said that any particular renewable power source will be producing electricity 24/7/365. Just as no fossil source can do it either btw.

    So, when the trolls continually bang on in a low wind event , I have to wonder what is their motivation ? Similarly, at midnight they can say " look at all those useless solar panels . They are generating nothing ".

    As I and many others have posted on multiple occasions in response to the fossil trolls, renewables will require considerable amounts of backup. They will require all sorts of large energy storages, peaking plants and a diversified number of generation mediums spread across the landscape.

    Nothing new with that story.

    In a similar way that we have fossil assets spread all over the country connected by a national grid in order to service the demand. Same results for renewables, just a different configuration.

    You want to post about the low output when the wind isn't blowing ? So why don't you post when the wind is blowing and we have excess wind energy ? Why don't you post when we have excess solar energy and it has to be curtailed ? Why don't you want to talk about how renewable generation is limited and curtailed in Australia when we could be putting all that extra energy into useful things like storage ?

    Why don't you want to discuss that bit ?

    It wouldn't be because it doesn't suit your denialist agenda by any chance, would it ?

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