The low output is the ISSUE.When renewable output is near zero,...

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    The low output is the ISSUE.

    When renewable output is near zero, ALL that missing generation needs to be made up by something else.

    That is something like 25,000 MW of something else. The added cost of the something else is huge and will be paid for by consumers.

    Show me any instance where coal output was less than 6% of capacity. You can't do that.

    in a 3rd world country there is no 24/7/365 power. a 1st world country demands it.

    As you shout down fossil fuel generation of power you and your ilk will take Australia to a place where we don't have the capacity to provide 24/7/365 power. That will be a disaster for our economy. In addition, our power prices will be sky high as we will need two sets of capacity to cover the times when renewables are close to zero output.

    Its the whole "like for like" story that you appear not to understand.
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