@Scott th Ratbag - I - hesitantly - came to the conviction that...

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    @Scott th Ratbag - I - hesitantly - came to the conviction that the various dress codes imposed by religions are just another way of indoctrinating believers. This is not the place to discuss the various neural pathways religion 'infects' or 'trains' etc. its believer to get them so tied up in knots that they believe non-observance will get them to hell, so they absolutely sing certain songs or mumble prayers, or recite whatever, always in unison with their fellows in church, mosque or temple - and have to do certain body movement in unison with other cult members to halt punishment - and that goes for Christians as well as Muslims as well as Jews. It also applies to soldiers and more radical political movements, like the Nazis were - the communal acting out of ritual and dress as well as the learning by rote of religious (or political) slogans impresses itself on the neural pathways of the 'believer' in such a way, that he/she experiences discomfort when not in the warm embrace of habit (and special dress!) and he/she responds to similarity in others with recognition and love and to outsiders with dislike and distrust, often hatred.
    Now, if we as the total of humanity could develop singularity in dress, language, songs of praise, prayer - we would solve the problems of the world at one hit. But it won't happen as long as there are competing religions (who are very good at that sort of thing) in the world, kidnapping human hearts and: lets not forget also kidnapping their purses; there is a good living to be made from religions!
    on a lighter note:
    I guess we have achieved singularity in the wearing of jeans - now what else is there, to improve our genes?
    Just IMO

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