g'day Tau..... your views on religion are similar to mine. the...

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    g'day Tau..... your views on religion are similar to mine. the history of religions is rich and varied. Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist beliefs are filled with rituals and prayers too. just in my view, more formulaic and superficial in the Abrahamic religions. but thats just imo, my bias showing. the big difference is the "One God" of Abrahamic faith v. the multiplicity of Hinduism or the absence of gods in Buddhist/Taoist beliefs, which actually amounts to the same belief system with Hinduism.

    religion is indeed a strange phenomenon in that they all contain deep wisdom and significant food for thought and development, but western (Abrahamic) religions are cluttered with social control mechanisms and punishments, fear of death and terrible consequences of "sinning", hence they are based on fear or reward for good behaviour. Eastern beliefs offer only guidance and self development using peaceful means.

    there have been an abundance of wars fought over western religions while the only wars fought over religion has been between Hinduism and the invading Islamic empire building, a characteristic in common with Christianity. these invaders have been accepted quickly in the sub-continent and only in recent centuries become a cause of conflict and this is mostly due to human influence rather than actual conflicts between religions.

    I've actually admired and respected western religious beliefs despite my own personal derision of such. I've often thought how much easier life would be to have all the answers given by a religion and not to need to examine life more closely asking many questions which have no chance of being answered.

    religion and ritualised behaviours are comforting to the people who truly believe. these are so ingrained in our "collective unconscious" that even the strongest sceptic on nearing death, whether this be sudden of slow, revert to prayer and a belief in the punishment/reward nature of Abrahamic faith.

    humans seem to be attracted to uniformity. its when everyone agrees on a view of life/death and so are communally reassured that death offers peace and reward for belief. rituals, seen in political rallies almost as much as religious observances, are comforting in demonstrating a certainty of conduct that will gain easy access to that reward. and avoid punishment. when examined closely we can see the correlation of child behaviour to appease the threat of a punishing parent.

    religions, lastly, are also as you suggest, a great network for security of income. yep a great business. I've seen companies advertising their religious faith using symbols, such as Icthus and the crucifix, to enable ready recognition as part of the network and so enhance their business. and we all love to use networks hey.

    yep even Jeans were a uniform back in the day. the belonging to the radical view of political religion hehheheaw.... and we thought we were so individual hey so unique..... but really we were simply adopting a new religion.

    love chatting with you Tau.... you always raise such interesting perspectives. one fine day I would love to meet with you and have along discussion.
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