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Did you not see the 45c high coming? It happened when SP hit the...

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    Did you not see the 45c high coming? It happened when SP hit the high point of the TED after the fifth wave touched the upper TL. Check and of my charts of late they all have the TED outlined in them.
    Try using some basic TA and you too might be able to expect certain things in advance like the high and targets down here resulting from the break of the TED. It’s not like I didn’t mention those target in advance as they also have been in my charts ever since the SP broke out of the lower TED trend line.
    I’m not sure about doing a rain dance and if it help to break drought, but TA helps me to make it rain $$$ on a regular base and if you ask me TA know how is a really useful skill to have!
    LOL before you ask, yes I also predicted the GFC on 19.Oktober 2007 as well as the low on 6. March 2009. Do you think it was useful and financially beneficial to do so? Let me assure you it certainly was, but that’s a totally other story! So let’s stick to charting WKT, because that is what this thread is all about!

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