Fair cop @Devilmaycare..... I do have a tendency to put people...

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    Fair cop @Devilmaycare..... I do have a tendency to put people 'in a box'....... its a common human trait, as is stereotyping. ......... I not your efforts to put me in a box too, and, as far as these things go, you are far off the mark.

    I can outline my history for you if you really want me to, but would prefer to do this over dinner and a few wines in person rather than on a public forum....... your guesses are really quite personal and may even place you history more readily than mine ---=> as for my term 'sexual predator', I make such statements based on observation rather than guesses. I've worked with paedophiles and rapists in my career (murderers too fyi) and I've become familiar with traits - yet sexual predators come in all shapes, sizes and personality types.

    Sexual predation is quite common, as the complaints from women have shown. The variety ranges from senior executives to people who hide in shadows and everything in between. There is a clear probability that around 50% of men (conservatively) have behaved in a manner that may be consider sexual predation by women. Yet few are ever charged and those in prison are, generally, the most serious, psychopathic and dangerous types...... I've known over several hundred of people in prison for such predation during my career.

    Yes there are women who behave in a similar manner, yet few are ever charged as most men are more keen on indiscriminate sex and these are often targeted by female predation. More often women use sex as a trap for other motives.

    but lets not get caught up in personal denial predation on this thread....... I'm interested, willing and able to join in a thread on such if you care to start the thread. This thread is about "worker shortages".

    In my time working in paddocks and orchards, there was very little shortage of workers.... now it seems to be quite different and the things I mention in my post above are pertinent. ......... do you have something to mention in terms of worker shortages ???

    thanks for you defensive comments. We're all human and fallible mate but lets get back to the subject on hand....... Scott.

    PS Weinstein would not have been on trial if he hadn't been a sexual predator as the number of cases that charged him confirms.
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