yes Morrison delivers nothing but white noise. He acknowledges...

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    yes Morrison delivers nothing but white noise.

    He acknowledges that mistakes have been made and pointedly accepts responsibility...... but cannot/will not apologise to the Aus community for the disinformation, false statements (can one truly call them lies? I think so) and in line with his refusal to set targets, hahahaha, makes false claims of targets to have the nation vaccinated.

    The messiah complex that is evident in his determination to Save the Nation by delivering the vaccine using his own delivery plan rather than using the well-established vaccination pathways established by the States for decades and working efficiently.

    M. is a PR man through and through, selling himself as a "Leader" rather than a Prime Minister who actually leads the nation.

    Morrison has failed again and again, shamed the nation and proven his incompetence completely.

    So many faults with the M. Govt mob. Collectively the Gov is full of incompetence. This is evidence that the Cabinet is NOT appointed on merit but on personal mateship and factional representation, similar to the Nats.

    Bring on the election pronto. Aus needs to REMOVE this mob of fools asap.
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