terrific post eags...Minister Hunt constantly sidesteps any...

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    terrific post eags...

    Minister Hunt constantly sidesteps any question with false percentages of vaccinated ppl, using sub-groups to generalise to the questioners reference to whole of population numbers for eg. the Minister for Regional Health, Dr Gillespie, tonight on QandA said that 90% of (qualified people) had been vaccinated!

    They continue to push AZ, as they should because the risk numbers are so low as to be almost discountable, but they have encouraged, or at least condoned, the disinformation being spouted and spruiked by the likes of Jones and Kelly on SAD.

    The gov has allowed the lies about AZ to be created and circulated to some of the most anti-science, gullible viewers.

    This is a public health crisis. There are laws wrt such disinformation due to the affect on the general public under the Biosecurity Act 2015

    443 Governor‑General may declare that a biosecurity emergency exists

    (1) The Governor‑General may declare that a biosecurity emergency exists if the Agriculture Minister is satisfied that:

    (a) a disease or pest is posing a severe and immediate threat, or is causing harm, to any of the following on a nationally significant scale:


    the Bill carries stiff penalties (up to 5 years imprisonment) for offences.

    According to https://auspublaw.org/2020/03/law-making-in-a-crisis-commonwealth-and-nsw-coronavirus-regulations/ dated March 2020....

    Section 475 enables the Governor-General to declare that a “human biosecurity emergency exists”. That declaration was made on 18 March 2020 and it is in force for the full period allowable under the Act, which is three months (s 475(4)(b)). The Act provides a power to extend the period (s 476).

    Until the Gov treats the covid disinformation campaign seriously, and according the conditions that such seriousness requires, the reluctance of many ppl will continue to be a problem.
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