what makes something anti Semitic is generalised comments about...

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    what makes something anti Semitic is generalised comments about Jews that have negative imputations. You Stop sounding anti semitic if you stop doing that.

    whet is happening in Israel is the decision of the government. They may happen to be Jews but to extend their actions to Jews in general is either lazy or antisemitic - you choose. Otherwise it is perfectly reasonable to say that because the Palestinians voted for Hamas as their leadership the actions of Hamas are the actions of Palestinians in general. Since that is clearly absurd it’s also absurd to do that with Jews

    I for one don’t think all Russians are nasty either - but I certainly don’t trust or like Putin or sone of his cronies. But why on earth would I make that about all Russians.

    so I think maybe you are just not used to using language with adequate finesse. But I also think you don’t much like Jews in general. Which means you probably are anti semitic but just don’t know it

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